Last day to order Ithaca is Love t-shirts

August 2, 2016

The limited run of “Ithaca is Love” t-shirts sold out in less than an hour when area residents gathered on the Ithaca Commons for an aerial photo on June 30 to show support for Orlando, but shirts are now available online -- through today! [...]

Upcoming events help Ithaca show solidarity with Orlando

June 16, 2016

This week has already seen a brainstorming session on how to support victims of this weekend's shooting in Orlando and a vigil to honor the memory of the dozens of victims. Still to come are benefits at the Haunt and Moonies and an Ithaca is Love event. [...]

Guest Column: How we respond to tragedy says a lot about the Ithaca community

June 15, 2016

I was thinking this morning about community responses to tragedy after reading about a vigil for Orlando in Ithaca that did not meet some people’s expectations, and after working on the Simeon’s accident and other events over the years. In the wake of tragedies, it is natural for people to want to do something. [...]

Brainstorming session tonight on supporting Orlando victims

June 13, 2016

Acting Mayor Deborah Mohlenhoff wants to help harness the energy she sees among Ithaca area residents who want to do something to help the victims of this weekend's tragic shooting in Orlando. She's called a brainstorming session for Monday evening. [...]