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The new Ithaca Commons.Downtown Ithaca is the neighborhood that stretches a few blocks from the Ithaca Commons, the pedestrian mall in the middle of the City of Ithaca. State Street, running through the middle of the City, was closed off for two blocks around 1970 to create this scenic downtown pedestrian mall where shoppers and diners can stroll. State Street also links Ithaca (as Route 79) to Richford and Whitney Point to the east, and Mecklenburg and Watkins Glen to the west.

Our company was founded in Downtown Ithaca, and we encourage you to visit.



IPD says woman was robbed late Saturday night in Downtown Ithaca - The Ithaca Police Department says they responded late Saturday night to a report that a woman had been robbed on West Court Street near Sears Street in Downtown Ithaca.
Ithaca Police Department Elderly woman attacked by purse snatcher after Easter service - Ithaca police say an 88-year-old woman was knocked down and her purse was stolen as she walked home from church on Sunday afternoon.
New York State Seal Learn about New York Health Act at Ithaca session Thursday night - New York State legislators have a bill called the New York Health Act up for discussion in the 2017-2018 legislative session, and Ithaca residents and business owners can learn more tonight thanks to Finger Lakes for NY Health.
Matzah is the traditional unleavened bread served throughout Passover. Passover this week is one last chance to visit Hal’s Deli - Passover starts this Monday at sundown, and the 14850 Dining Report is taking a look at the food traditions surrounding this springtime holiday.
Ithaca Police and Bangs Ambulance Ithaca Police identify suspect in shooting at downtown Ithaca bar - The Ithaca Police Department has identified a 22-year-old man from Ithaca as their suspect in a shooting on the Ithaca Commons that occurred late Saturday night outside Silky Jones.
Ithaca Police and Bangs Ambulance Suspect in custody after late-night shooting at downtown Ithaca bar - A man is in custody facing attempted murder charges after a late-night shooting at a bar on the Ithaca Commons, according to authorities. The victim is in the hospital in “serious, but stable condition.”
Press Bay Alley hosting a Spring Holiday Market this afternoon - Looking for ham and lamb and all those spring veggies for Easter and Passover? Grab some local produce in Downtown Ithaca and hit Press Bay Alley on Thursday for their Spring Holiday Market.
Ithaca Police and Bangs Ambulance Stabbing victim flags down passing ambulance in Ithaca’s west end - A man who told police he'd been stabbed on the Ithaca Commons flagged down an ambulance in the west end for help, according to the Ithaca Police Department.
Music, art, and food to celebrate three years at downtown’s Sunny Days - Another year, another party! The smiling optimistic couple who opened a locally owned, locally focused shop on a Downtown Ithaca corner are celebrating three years in business with a party on April 1.
Family fun and farm equipment at this weekend’s AgStravaganza! - Learn about agriculture and its importance to Ithaca's economy as the free annual AgStravaganza event moves to the Ithaca Commons!