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Welcome to Central New York’s Dining Mecca! Ithaca and its surroundings reportedly have the most restaurants per capita of any area in the United States. We’re not surprised! But we’re pleased to say that food in this area excels in quality, not just quantity.

We’re in the midst of migrating over from our old site. Feel free to check http://dining.14850.com/ for our dining directories and reviews that haven’t moved yet.

Sharing plates the old-fashioned way, with pub fare at Jack’s Grill

September 20, 2016

This week, 14850 Dining is enjoying the original sharing-plates cuisine -- with big baskets of pub food at Jack's Collegetown Grill. This Dryden Road eatery expanded into a next-door space a couple of years ago, offering a bar with big-screen TVs, and they revamped their menu this summer. [...]

Twins Taco Tuesday goes weekly at Lincoln Street Diner

September 19, 2016

In August, the brothers of Bickering Twins Catering hosted their first pop-up Taco Tuesday at Ithaca's Lincoln Street Diner, and they sold out! Now, they're giving it another try after making a few tweaks, and going weekly. [...]

Simeon’s is opening Friday! Simeon’s is opening Friday!

August 23, 2016

A little over two years after a tragic accident, Simeon's on the Commons is reopening to the public this Friday afternoon, August 26th. The building has undergone a huge renovation in the meantime, and the fencing surrounding it is finally gone. [...]
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