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Welcome to Central New York’s Dining Mecca! Ithaca and its surroundings reportedly have the most restaurants per capita of any area in the United States. We’re not surprised! But we’re pleased to say that food in this area excels in quality, not just quantity.

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Hilltop friendly fare at Ithaca’s Sunset Grill

April 7, 2016

High atop Ithaca’s south hill, Sunset Grill has long been a favorite for breakfast and lunch, and they’ve just added dinner hours. The breakfast menu offers lots of griddle items and a variety of omelets; two of my dining companions chose omelets, which were generous and well stuffed. [read more...]

Tasty Thai food at Ithaca’s Tamarind

April 5, 2016

Ithaca never seems to need more Thai restaurants in particular, or Asian restaurants in general, but sometimes a new one opens and is a quick success. This week, we’re talking about Tamarind on Route 13. Just one of many Thai restaurants in Ithaca, this cozy restaurant opened about [read more...]
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