Ithaca, Dryden, and Lansing officials scramble to accept tax prepayments in 2017

With area residents scrambling to prepay 2018 property taxes in the 2017 tax year to avoid changes to tax deductions under recent tax reform changes, Ithaca, Dryden, and Lansing officials are ready to take payments.

City staff works at the Chamberlain’s Office to get property tax info ready ahead of schedule. Photos courtesy Mayor Svante Myrick.

Mayor Svante Myrick says the Chamberlain’s Office let him, city attorney Ari Lavine, chief of staff Dan Cogan, and superintendent of public works Michael Thorne “pitch in to stuff envelopes,” to help city residents who hope to save money on their federal taxes by prepaying locally.

Payments for City of Ithaca property taxes can be made in person at City Hall at 108 East Green Street or via the payment portal at “If you choose the online payment option, be sure to call the City Chamberlain’s Office at 607-274-6580 for correct tax amounts,” says the Mayor.

Town of Lansing town supervisor Ed LaVigne says prepayments will be accepted in person at Town Hall until 4pm on Friday, December 29th; the town clerk’s office extended today’s hours to accommodate taxpayers. Payments will only be accepted for the full amount or the correct installment amount. Residents who don’t know the correct amounts may call the town clerk’s office at 607-533-4142. Payments will be accepted via mail if postmarked by December 31st.

“Please be patient and respectful to our town employees,” urges LaVigne. “They are trying to address your concerns as efficiently and professionally as possible.”

Town of Ithaca residents can call 607-273-1721 or visit town hall at 215 North Tioga Street to obtain their 2018 tax amount.

Dryden town supervisor Jason Leifer tells us the Town of Dryden town clerk is accepting payments for 2018 town and county taxes online at

According to Representative Tom Reed, who pushed for and voted for the tax reform, “this legislation maintains the state and local tax deduction for income, sales, and property tax up to $10,000.”

Taxpayers who use an escrow account should inform their bank that they’re prepaying, to avoid duplicate payments.

Please let us know in the comments if you’ve found similar details for other Tompkins County towns and villages!

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