Free parking throughout City of Ithaca this Friday and Monday

It’s a Festivus Miracle! The City of Ithaca says everyone can park at no charge throughout Downtown Ithaca and Collegetown on Friday December 23 and Monday December 26, on city streets and in city-owned garages.

Haven’t finished your holiday shopping yet? Got a little free time and want to relax with friends?Ithaca’s Director of Parking, Frank Nagy, confirmed to me that parking is free all over the City of Ithaca, including Downtown and Collegetown.

“Last minute shopping on the 23rd? Score! Cabin fever with all the relatives and family underfoot on the 26th? Double score!” says the Downtown Ithaca Alliance. Parking is already free on Ithaca’s streets and in downtown city-owned garages on Saturday and Sunday, though the Collegetown garage isn’t free most weekends.

So, go ahead and ignore the Parkmobile app and the parking paystations, keep those scratch-off parking hang tags for another day, and breeze right past the machines at the parking garages.

Remember all of the standard restrictions apply, like 15-minute loading zones, two-hour limits, and of course handicap accessible spaces. And keep in mind there’s a private pay lot next to Center Ithaca, under the Green Street parking garage, that isn’t owned by the city and is never free.

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