The Westy is looking for owner of a dog who bit a musician last month

“Not everything is peaches and cream at The Westy,” said the bar on its Facebook page today. They’re looking for the owner of a dog who bit a member of the East-West Blues Band on November 18th.

Live music at The Westy. 14850 file photo.

Live music at The Westy. 14850 file photo.

The folks at The Westy say “one of the band members was bitten by [what we have heard was] a Dachshund.” They say the dog and its owners left quickly, but “there was a lot of blood and stitches and also a bill.”

They ask that the owners of the dog “step forward and contact us directly,” so the owners can “take responsibility for the actions of their pooch.” They say they would rather not have to change their longstanding policy of allowing dogs in the bar.

“Let’s hope that this one incident can be resolved with some accountability and a sense of responsibility and that the incident doesn’t ruin things for all of our four-legged friends,” they add, asking that the owners, or someone who knows the owners, steps forward soon.

The Westy can be reached on Facebook or via e-mail to

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