Corning Community College on lockdown; police conducting search

Police conducted a building-by-building search of Corning Community College’s Spencer Hill campus after “a suspicious person was seen on campus” this morning according to college officials.

The lockdown was lifted at about 12:30pm after the college’s Public Safety office and local emergency personnel determined the campus was safe. “No one was hurt,” say college officials.

corning-comm-collegeAn alert went out to students late Friday morning advising them to stay in place if they’re on the Spencer Hill campus in Corning.

College officials added shortly after noon that police were conducting a building-by-building search, and say no one had been hurt.

On Friday afternoon, Corning Community College said the alert had been initiated after “a report that a person was carrying a suspicious-looking object.” The suspicious-looking object “was later confirmed to be an art project,” say college officials.

Corning Community College serves around 5,000 students with 40 academic programs, four of them online, and more than 800 courses. It was named the #1 two-year college in New York by this year.

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