Tom Reed, tapped for Trump transition team, reacts with royal “we”

Rep. Tom Reed, who represents Ithaca and a western swath of the Southern Tier, has been tapped as vice chair of Donald Trump’s transition team. That’s not weird. What’s weird is he’s talking about it with the royal “we.”

HRH Tom Reed. Photo illustration by

There’s nothing surprising about the Trump campaign naming Rep. Reed as a vice chair for the president-elect’s transition team. Late last winter, Reed was one of the first major Republicans to endorse Trump’s candidacy.

What’s a little surprising is that the statement from Reed’s office quotes the congressman as saying “We are both honored and humbled to be selected as a Vice-Chair for President-Elect Trump’s transition team,” and “We care about the future of our country and recognize that this is a massive undertaking at a pivotal moment in our history,” and “We are glad to serve the alongside those on the team and look forward to getting to work.”

Reed’s office wouldn’t respond to our questions about what he could mean by “We” in this context, since as far as we can tell, he’s the only one he’s talking about.

We decided to reach out to Matt Harkins, who’s written about this year’s presidential elections for 14850, to see if he had any insight. Matt speculated that Reed or an inexperienced publicist could’ve been “using the wrong voice,” but he also suggested Reed could be “outing the fact that he has a thin body double.”

Or maybe, Matt offered, Reed is “showing humility and giving some credit for his success to Satan, to whom he sold his soul in order to become mayor of Corning many years ago.”

Until Reed or his team deigns to weigh in, we’ll just go with that.

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