Anniversary party at Rasa Spa will feature food, music, and free mini spa sessions

Rasa Spa was founded in 2006, and this Thursday they’re marking their 11th anniversary with a public celebration at their main location in Ithaca’s west end. The event is from 6-8pm on Thursday, November 16th, at 310 Taughannock Boulevard. No pre-registration is required.

Rasa Spa

The company began as a partnership among managing partner Rachel Hogancamp, Island Health & Fitness, and the Cayuga Medical Center, in CMC’s west end complex on Inlet Island, adjacent to Ithaca’s former passenger railroad station. Now called the Cayuga Wellness Center, the complex also contains Island Health & Fitness and the Inlet Island Café.

Hogancamp’s interest in medical massage led her to begin the partnership, and she says, “A really big milestone for Rasa this past year was expanding our offerings at the Cayuga Medical Center.”

“We’ve been working with staff and visitors for some time,” Hogancamp adds, “and are now able to see patients as well. It feels really great to be able to work on patients who I know stand to benefit greatly from massage therapy.”

Anniversary celebration guests will enjoy complimentary mini spa sessions, food and a cash bar set up by Serendipity Catering, music performed by Judy Hyman, Mac Benford, Jeff Claus, and Sally Freund, and the opening of an art exhibit featuring Rachel Hogancamp’s own work. There are day-long specials to celebrate, as well.

In addition to the Inlet Island location and the hospital, Rasa Spa has an outlet at the Community Corners in Cayuga Heights.

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