East Buffalo Street work will last into late December, says Ithaca

The City of Ithaca says work to install new gas mains and connect service lines to each building along East Buffalo Street won’t be finished until late December. The work has lasted for over a month, requiring one or more blocks of the Buffalo Street hill to be closed to through traffic.

Aurora Street has a lane closed, and Buffalo Street is closed between Downtown and Collegetown. 14850 Photo by Mark H. Anbinder.

Currently, the road closures include one lane of northbound traffic on North Aurora Street, and all of East Buffalo Street between Stewart Avenue and Aurora Street, between Downtown Ithaca and Collegetown.

“These operations move along pretty well,” City of Ithaca assistant superintendent of public works Ray Benjamin told us in early October. He estimates “about one week to run a block of main, and one or two services per day.”

When the work on the gas main is completed in mid November, Aurora Street will fully reopen, but work on Buffalo Street will take several more weeks. “Installation of each service and temporary restoration work will typically take 1-3 days,” say Ithaca officials.

Residents of East Buffalo Street can access their driveways from the Stewart Avenue side by speaking to the flagger stationed at the uphill end of the closure.

“Travel lanes and parking will be restored to full use as soon as possible,” according to Ithaca. For the most part, the road has been reopened to through traffic on the weekend, with on-street parking permitted, but crews were actively at work this past weekend, perhaps making an effort to catch up.

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