“Light and Love Vigil” scheduled for today on Ithaca Commons

“You might, like me, believe we need to send a strong message of love.” That’s the word from one of the organizers of a “Light and Love Vigil” that’s been scheduled for this evening on the Ithaca Commons.

A vigil at the Bernie Milton Pavilion in June. 14850 file photo.

A vigil at the Bernie Milton Pavilion in June. 14850 file photo.

“No matter who you voted for (or didn’t vote for) in yesterday’s election,” says Jenny Miller on Facebook. “Regardless of your politics, if you need to demonstrate your allegiance to black and brown Americans, to women, to Latino/a Americans, to LGBTQ Americans, to immigrants, to Muslim Americans, to Americans with disabilities, to all the Americans who will soon have a president who has blatantly mocked or disparaged them, join together in light and love. Send the message that you will stand up for the civil liberties so many have worked so hard for.”

“Meet tonight at 6:30pm at the Bernie Milton Pavilion on the Commons for a peaceful demonstration of love, allegiance and support,” says the Facebook event. “Bring a candle or light up your phone. Bring poems, stories or songs to share. Important note: the city has asked that if you bring a candle – please use a protector so as not to damage the concrete on the new Commons.”

Miller shifted the start time of this evening’s vigil to 7pm after learning that a Black Lives Matter “Rally Against Trumpism and Hate” was slated for 5:30-7pm. “Please come out to support both events,” she says.

Miller encourages everyone to invite others. “I believe there are many of us who need to do something today.”

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