Letters: More support for Anne Koreman

I’m a long-term resident, mother and small business owner who knows Anne Koreman to be honest, hard-working, and environmentally-committed. Anne has integrity and is open to hearing all points of view. Anne will be a tremendous asset to District 5 and Tompkins County. I heartily endorse her.

Kathleen Pasetty
Town of Enfield

I have known Anne Koreman professionally for several years. I have always been impressed with her thoroughness, keen observation skills and ease in communicating with people from all walks of life, most of all, her integrity. I was thrilled to hear about Anne stepping up to run for County Legislature. Our district needs an experienced listener who can respond to the concerns of residents surrounding the environment, meaningful jobs, and the role of County Government. Please join me in voting for Anne on November 7. She is just what our district needs!

Tom Myers
Town of Ulysses

Our community is dependent on the environment to support our farming and tourism economy and quality of life. That’s why I’m voting for Anne Koreman for County Legislature, District 5. Anne has a proven record of action with the Sierra Club and support for renewable energy. It’s what we need!

Lexie Hain
Town of Enfield

Anne Koreman’s experience managing a successful small business will help her responsibly manage the County’s budget and work collaboratively with her colleagues. She is committed to representing her constituents, no matter their age or background. Join me in voting for Anne for Tompkins County Legislator, 5th district.

Krys Cail
Town of Ulysses

I am a resident of the Trumansburg Village and I urge you to support Anne Koreman for our County Legislator. As a long term resident of this district Anne understands this community, cares about social-justice and the environment.

I first met Anne Koreman at the local Ulysses Democratic Committee meeting this Fall and I was immediately impressed by her deep commitment to environmental activism by serving for many years in multiple leadership roles with the Finger Lakes Sierra Club. She is committed to putting a moratorium on natural gas infrastructure expansion and increasing renewable energy.

The second time I met Anne Koreman was at the Trumansburg’s Ulysses Philomathic Library Fall Book Sale where she had signed up as a volunteer to work a shift on a Friday afternoon and then stayed late to help out because the book sale was a little short handed. I was amazed and appreciative that she would help out at the book sale while simultaneously running her own business and campaign. She said she came because she supports libraries.

Anne Koreman is a warm compassionate person who cares about the well being of others and is at ease listening and talking different people. Anne is committed to passing a living wage so that people who are working full time in Tompkins County will not have to live in poverty.

I support Anne Koremen for office because she represents workers, understands this community, cares about social-justice and environmental activism and has a deep passion and commitment to give back. I urge you to vote for Anne Koremen for County Legislator, District 5 on November 7th.

Cynthia Mannino
Trumansburg, New York

If you want to know what a candidate will do for you, look at what they’ve already done.

My husband and I have two young boys, and share a home with “Grampa.” It’s exactly what I want for our family, but I’m not blind to the challenges that will come as the kids grow up and Grampa grows older.

That’s why I’m grateful for Anne Koreman. She’s worked with seniors to make sure they can stay at home and age in place.  She’s fought for people living with mental health issues, and struggling through addiction.  She’s helped people with disabilities find fulfilling employment.

She’s stood with workers — fighting for local jobs and advocating better conditions on the job.

This is how Anne has helped individuals reach their full potential, and families stay strong.

And it’s precisely what she will do as a legislator, because it’s what she’s always done.

Anne Koreman for Tompkins County Legislature

Vote November 7.

Kathleen Bergin
Ithaca, New York

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