Good news: City of Ithaca is doing away with Odd-Even Parking!

In a last-minute burst of sanity, Mayor Svante Myrick announced on Tuesday afternoon that the City of Ithaca is suspending its long-derided seasonal Odd-Even Parking regulations, hours before the policy would go into effect at midnight. The development is thanks to the implementation of Tompkins County’s new Swift911 system.

“Thanks to a partnership with Tompkins County, we now have Swift911, a service that will send you text messages, emails and phone calls during emergencies,” the Mayor said on Facebook. “When we have snow on the way we will activate Odd/Even parking. When we’ve cleared the streets we will turn it back off.”

The change depends on area residents signing up for Swift911’s emergency notification service, Mayor Myrick says. “If people sign up we can do away with odd/even forever. If people don’t sign up we will need to go back to the old system.”

Add subscriptions for the notifications that interest you.

Note: If you sign up for Swift911 notification but don’t live in the City of Ithaca, you’ll need to explicitly turn on subscriptions for the City’s notifications that interest you, or you won’t get them.

The Odd/Even Parking policy has long meant parking is prohibited on most City of Ithaca streets from 2am-6am on the odd-numbered side of the road on odd-numbered dates, and the even-numbered side of the road on even-numbered dates. For example, parking would be prohibited on the odd side of the street in the wee hours of November 1st.

“It’s horribly inefficient, hard to understand, and unnecessary most nights of the year,” Mayor Myrick said on Tuesday afternoon. The Mayor, who rarely drives and doesn’t own a car, has long said he would just as soon do away with odd-even parking regulations in the City of Ithaca.

The law will remain on the books, and thus can still be enforced in the event of snowfall that needs clearing.

Area residents who don’t have Internet access can register for the notification system to receive voice calls, by calling 607-266-2730.

“We’ll end up giving fewer tickets, and you won’t have to move your car every night,” the Mayor says.

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