Heavy rain through Monday morning, then a wind advisory

Most of Central New York, Ithaca included, is under a flash flood watch as heavy rains are forecast to continue through the night.

Light rains that began Saturday evening, followed by steady rain most of Sunday, has amounted to over two inches of rain for the area, with 3-5 inches forecast for most of Central New York. The rainfall could mean localized flooding of roadways, parking lots, streams, and lakeshore areas.

Fallen leaves could also mean clogged home gutters or municipal storm sewers, so basement flooding is also a possibility. In such conditions, the Ithaca Fire Department encourages residents, “please check your basements, down spouts and sump pumps.”

“Don’t wait until your basement is flooded to need a sump pump,” suggests the Ithaca Fire Department. “Local hardware stores have them in stock.”

Rain should taper off Monday morning, but there’s a chance of showers each day through the week. A wind advisory is in effect from 3am to 4pm Monday, with winds of 20-30mph likely, and gusts up to 45-55mph.

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