Celebrating Lincoln St. Diner Day with a ridiculous breakfast

A year ago, Mayor Svante Myrick proclaimed October 29th “Lincoln St. Diner Day in the City of Ithaca,” and today, the Lincoln St. Diner is celebrating the anniversary with a special variation on the Garbage Plate challenge that started it all.

The Lincoln Street Diner crew posing with proclamation and key to the city. 14850 file photo.

The Lincoln Street Diner crew posing with proclamation and key to the city. 14850 file photo.

Back in 2014, Mayor Svante Myrick begged Ithaca restaurants to reproduce Rochester’s signature dish, the Garbage Plate, and the Lincoln Street Diner was the first to step up. Last fall, the Mayor proclaimed “Lincoln St. Diner Day in the City of Ithaca,” and gave owner Chris O’Brien the Key to the City.

“Cody Adams made the best Rochester style garbage plate going,” read the proclamation, which bears the City Seal and Mayor Myrick’s signature. Adams and O’Brien had delivered their Garbage Plate replica to the Mayor’s office in 2014.

The proclamation also recognizes the diner as “one of Ithaca’s first and longest standing eateries,” and “a ‘who’s who’ place to dine.” The Mayor also points out its convenience to the Fall Creek Laundromat, adding that “When you’re doing laundry and you need some food you can go to the Lincoln Street Diner when you’re done as a reward.”

“My Doctor has discouraged my quest for the perfect Ithaca Garbage Plate,” Mayor Myrick told 14850 Dining last fall, “but I’m glad I got the opportunity to celebrate one of our oldest and most special local businesses.”

It’s actually a trademark violation to offer a Garbage Plate anywhere but at Nick Tahou’s, where it originated and where the name is trademarked, so Ithaca can’t really have its own Garbage Plate. (Most other Rochester-area eateries with their own versions get around the issue by just calling them a “Plate” on the menu.) Ithaca has plenty of its own signature foods, though!

Celebrating Lincoln St. Diner Day this year, Chris O’Brien says they’re serving up plates of country fried steak, mac & cheese, home fries, two eggs, toast, and redeye gravy. Get yours while it lasts!

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