Dozens of political campaign signs taken from lawns east of Ithaca

With just two weeks until election day, someone is taking political campaign signs from lawns in the Ellis Hollow area of Dryden, east of Ithaca, according to Tompkins County legislator Martha Robertson. Residents in Freeville and on Irish Settlement Road, elsewhere in the sprawling Town of Dryden, have also reported signs missing.

These lawn signs were photographed before they disappeared earlier this week. Photo courtesy of Martha Robertson.

Robertson, who is herself an Ellis Hollow resident and a candidate, says signs on her property are among those that have vanished, and there are “at least a dozen locations that have been stripped,” most with three or so signs each.

“A little of this happens in every election, but this wholesale theft is unprecedented,” Robertson says. As of Wednesday evening, she’s heard of at least three dozen signs missing over the previous two nights.

According to Robertson, not just political candidate signs have vanished, but also “Community Solar” signs. Solar power using shared “solar farms” to generate electricity for a community has become a controversial topic in Dryden, where some residents think the facilities would be unsightly.

One area resident reported seeing signs for Robertson and Jason Leifer, Dryden town supervisor, discarded in a drainage creek. There’s no trace of other missing signs.

Robertson says “It’s a crime to step onto private property and take someone else’s private property,” and suggests anyone whose lawn signs have been stolen contact the Tompkins County Sheriff’s Office at 607-257-1345.

Polls are open from 6am-9pm on Tuesday, November 7th for this year’s general election.

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