That siren you hear is Cornell testing its emergency notification system

Early Wednesday afternoon, Cornell University is conducting a test of its emergency mass notification systems. Sirens on campus will be heard around Ithaca as the test is conducted at 12:10pm. Public address speakers might not carry as far.

Cornell says students, faculty, and staff who have registered for personal alerts will receive a text message or a voice phone call, and CUView information screens on campus and some Cornell web sites will display an emergency message banner.

The system is designed to notify members of the Cornell community of emergency situations, such as an urgent need to close the campus, or severe weather or other natural disaster. By offering multiple ways of alerting campus that there’s a problem, Cornell hopes to reach more members of the university population than could be reached by any one method.

In the event of an actual emergency, the public address announcements, text messages, and voice call would provide instructions to the community, and the sirens would alert those who can’t hear the announcements to look for additional information.

To register for text message or voice call alerts, visit the Cornell Police notification site. CUPD encourages all members of the Cornell community to check their info and/or register in advance of the test.

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