Creepy Crawlies (and other bugs) on display this weekend at Insectapalooza

This year’s Insectapalooza at Cornell University promises a peek at “the Bizarre, Bad, and Beneficial of the insect world.” The 13th annual hands-on event “for children, teens, and adults of all ages” is this Saturday at Comstock andall.

Past Insectapalooza photo provided by Cornell.

Past Insectapalooza photo provided by Cornell.

Insectapalooza has proven to be “is an exciting way to communicate science to the public,” says Linda Rayor, the director of the Naturalist Outreach Program and a senior lecturer research associate in Entomology. “We aim for a mix of infotainment for the younger set with giving people access to the amazing diversity and value of insects.”

Favorite features include a butterfly room, a “battle of the bugs” display showing “the diverse, resourceful and just plain weird ways some insects prey on other bugs,” and an Arthropod Zoo with “a collection of creatures that most people never have the chance to see.” There are cameras attached to microscopes so we can get a closer look at the tiny insects.

It’s the 13th annual Insectapalooza, and Cornell says it draws “upwards of 2,500 people” each year “to witness hundreds of live insects, spiders and other fascinating arthropods.”

Insectapalooza is free for children age 3 and younger, and per person for kids (and non-kids) 4 and up. It’s at Comstock Hall, on Garden Avenue near the Hoy Road parking garage and the Crescent Lot, from 9am-3pm on Saturday.

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