Cornell selling surplus items from Maplewood Apartments this weekend

The decades-old Maplewood Park Apartments complex is being torn down this fall to make way for a new housing community, but first, Cornell University is selling the remaining furniture, appliances, and tools. A surplus sale is taking place Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

The ultimate yard sale is this weekend at Cornell's Maplewood Apartments.

The ultimate yard sale is this weekend at Cornell’s Maplewood Apartments.

“A lot of what was here has already been repurposed in other residential buildings on campus, but quite a bit is left,” says Karen Brown from Cornell’s Campus Life Office of Marketing & Communications, “We want to dispose of all of the remaining items in a responsible and useful manner, rather than leave it all in the buildings to go to the landfill after they’re torn down.”

The complex, with hundreds of beds that served Cornell’s grad student population, stretches from Maple Avenue to Mitchell Street on Ithaca’s east hill. 

Items for sale include sofas, chairs, desks and dressers, refrigerators, air conditioners, stoves, and small appliances such as coffeemakers and microwave ovens, as well as supplies that apartment owners, contractors, and caterers will appreciate. There’s per-item pricing as well as per-vehicle-load or per-trailer-load pricing. They’re accepting cash, checks, and credit or debit cards, and warn that you should bring your own helpers with you; they can’t help you move your purchases.

Cornell staff will be on hand for the sale from 9am-4pm on Friday and Saturday, and 10am-2pm on Sunday. Maplewood Park Apartments is at 201 Maple Avenue just east of the Coal Yard Cafe, between Collegetown and East Hill Plaza.

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