Homecoming: Hunt for Hunter EP release show at the Range

Michael Hunter moved to New York City about five years ago, but once in a while he brings some live music back to Ithaca. This time, he’s showing off four-piece band Hunt for Hunter’s new EP with a Sunday night show at the Range.

Hunt for Hunter, playing this Sunday night at the Range. Photo provided.

Hunt for Hunter, playing this Sunday night at the Range. Photo provided.

A four-piece version of Hunt for Hunter is relatively new; for a while it was just Michael Hunter on violin and vocals with Ian Hunt on drums and vocals, but the two started toying around with the idea of a four-piece band last summer. They recruited Diwas Gurung, a guitarist familiar to Ithaca audiences from Ayurveda and The Rungs, and bassist Drew Jones.

Hunter says a few jam sessions revealed that “many of the songs originally written for the duo format lent themselves quite naturally to the fuller instrumentation.”

The longtime Ithaca resident returned two years ago with 5j Barrow, which also included Hunt on percussion, for a show at Lot 10, and three years ago for a Silky Jones show as part of a solo album tour. “Apparently I just can’t stay away from I-Town,” Hunter says.

Sunday night’s show at the Range on the Ithaca Commons will start at 8pm with Nate Marshall of Nate & Kate, and then Hunt for Hunter will take the stage to show off some music from their new EP, “No Locks and No Bars,” recorded with all four band members. They released the album at Rockwood Music Hall on September 29th, and Hunter says, “we’d also like to celebrate its release with our Ithaca family!”

“We’re all super pumped for the show,” Hunter tells us. “I’ve heard nothing but good things” about the Range, which began hosting free live music a couple of nights a week about a month ago.

The Range is on the second floor of 119 East State Street, above Trader K’s, overlooking the Ithaca Commons.

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