Last day of crowdfunding effort for Sweet Melissa’s Ice Cream

If you or someone you know likes ice cream, and that’s probably a pretty good bet, you can help ensure a supply of amazing fresh local ice cream by supporting Sweet Melissa’s Kickstarter! They’re less than $1,000 away from a $15,000 goal on the last day of the fund drive.

Downtown Ithaca's own seasonal ice cream shop, Sweet Melissa's. 14850 file photo.

Downtown Ithaca’s own seasonal ice cream shop, Sweet Melissa’s. 14850 file photo.

Why does Sweet Melissa’s need ,000 to make ice cream? Well, they’ve been making ice cream from commercial mixes, but the way food laws work, they can’t make it completely from scratch without a commercial pasteurizer.

Melissa and Matt Kenny opened Sweet Melissa’s in 2009 to offer soft-serve ice cream at first, then expanded into making hard ice cream, with fun flavors like Svante’s Inferno.

Now, the plan is to open a new cafe in Trumansburg called How Sweet It Is, run by longtime Sweet Melissa’s manager Sarafina Payne, with a production kitchen to make ice cream from scratch for both locations. The ,000 crowdfunding effort on Kickstarter will cover the cost of that commercial pasteurizer, so they can make real ice cream from local dairy supplies.

What perks can you get if you help Sweet Melissa’s pay for this new equipment? Anything from stickers to coffee mugs to t-shirts to ice cream or bags of coffee to fully catered events and private parties.

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