Pinesburger, thousand… and so much more at the Glenwood Pines!

This week, we’re darting up Route 89 to the Glenwood Pines, overlooking Cayuga Lake. We’ve talked about the famous Pinesburger, and another favorite is their fish fry, but believe it or not, the Pines has more than these two items available.

There are certainly lots of fun fried menu items at the Pines, and we suggest starting with an order of fried mushrooms, or better yet, the fried cauliflower. A recent special was fried smelt, the tiny fish, with tartar sauce and cocktail sauce, and there are great soups like sausage potato cheddar. A tossed salad is a nice non-fried treat, with a little veggie variety and pepperoni slices.

Pinesburger, Thousand: An Ithaca favorite at west hill’s Glenwood Pines.

The Pinesburger really is awesome, a one-third-pound cheeseburger on a hunk of french bread with mayo or thousand island dressing, generously adorned with lettuce, tomato, and onions. I think we’ll skip the Pinesburger Challenge, eating four Pinesburgers, bread and all, within an hour.

The fresh fried haddock is also a winner, either as a wonderful sandwich alternative to the Pinesburger, served with a dollop of tartar sauce, or as an overflowing platter that comes with two sides. The sandwiches are in the 5-8 dollar range, and sides cost extra. There are other sandwiches, steaks, and fried or grilled seafood dishes to choose from, with specials like sauteed scallops with mushrooms.

The vegetarian options are very limited — there’s a veggieburger — and that’s about it, as we’re told the spaghetti sauce is cooked with the meatballs in it.

Plan on spending 8 to 20 bucks on a meal. Find the Glenwood Pines just a few minutes away, halfway between the Hangar Theatre and Taughannock Falls State Park. Call them at 607-273-3709 or visit and tell them you heard about them here.

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