Paving this week on Stone Quarry Road

The City of Ithaca says they’re paving Stone Quarry Road from Spencer Road to the city line starting today, and weather permitting, the project will be done by Friday, October 6.

Road work on Stone Quarry Road started this morning. Photo courtesy City of Ithaca.

Update: City officials now say the project will take until October 13 to complete.

The project includes repairing the road base and then paving the road, which runs from South Hill to Ithaca’s southwest.

Driveways will be accessible during the project, say city officials, but there may be some delays on paving days.

City officials don’t actually say Stone Quarry Road will be closed for the project, but since they say “emergency vehicle access will be difficult during the paving process,” we’re going to bet you shouldn’t try to drive through there. Find another route, like 96B between south hill and downtown.

Update: Assistant superintendent of public works Ray Benjamin confirms the road will be closed to through traffic. Residents who live above the railroad crossing should come in from the top.

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