Fall TCAT schedule includes late-night bus service from Ithaca airport

Good news for late-night arrivals at the Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport! The fall TCAT bus schedule includes a late-night addition to Route 32 with an 11pm departure heading downtown, Monday through Friday.

A TCAT bus. 14850 file photo.

Buses to and from the airport start at 7am, too late to catch those early-morning flights, but you may find that the bus will get you to and from the airport for your midday, early evening, and now late-night flights.

Airport officials say passengers can’t expect the bus to wait for delayed aircraft arrivals, but travelers should be okay “as long as the flights arrive on or close to schedule.”

With late-evening flights arriving at 10:11 and 10:19pm currently, passengers should have plenty of time to land and retrieve their luggage before 11, unless their flight is very late.

From the airport, TCAT Route 32 heads to Northwood and Uptown Village apartment complexes, the Triphammer at Hanshaw stop, the Goldwin Smith Hall stop on the Cornell campus and the Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts in Collegetown, before heading to the downtown Seneca Street stop.

In addition to the new Monday-Friday 11pm departure from the airport, officials say “TCAT also offers a 10:46 pm departure on Friday only, and a 10:48 pm departure on Saturday only.”

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