Police warn of “suspicious activity” on Ithaca’s east hill

The Ithaca Police Department says they are working with the Cornell University Police Department to investigate “multiple reports of suspicious activity on the east hill area of Ithaca.”

Reports over the last week have included “various accounts of males peering into windows of apartments, entering apartments, and lingering in and around the locked entryway of apartment buildings,” according to IPD public information officer Jamie Williamson.

In a statement, acting Ithaca police chief Pete Tyler said, “At this time we’re unsure if the incidents are related but we thought it best to let the public know of a potential safety concern.” Police say the suspect in each case has been described as male, but “the descriptions vary enough that a composite sketch or adequate description is not plausible at this time.”

CUPD chief Kathy Zoner added, “Please err on the side of caution on these matters; call the police when you observe them so we can look into it.”

This summer, police investigated incidents in which Collegetown residents reported waking up when a man reached through a window to touch them. In a bulletin to the Cornell community at the time, the Cornell University Police Department reminds community members “to secure their windows and doors to deter unwanted entry.”

Police ask that anyone with information that could aid the investigation call police at 607-272-3245 or 607-255-1111, or “dial 911 immediately if you are the victim of a crime or observe suspicious activity in your neighborhood.”

Williamson and CUPD officials did not respond to requests for clarification of the affected area of town, which might or might not include Collegetown, where thousands of students live, or other parts of Ithaca’s East Hill.

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