Trumansburg schools in “lockout” status as police continue fugitive search

The Trumansburg Central School District has informed parents that schools will be “following lockout procedures” on Wednesday morning as police agencies continue a search for a man who escaped custody on Tuesday night.

A school district official adds that in “lockout” response, classroom instruction continues as normal, but outdoor activities are terminated. In a “lockdown” response, classrooms would be locked and students moved out of sight of the door.

Andrew Jacobsen escaped police custody on Tuesday evening. Photo courtesy Trumansburg Police Department.

Authorities say Andrew Jacobsen escaped police custody on Tuesday evening, setting off a manhunt that included Trumansburg Police assisted by Tompkins County Sheriff’s Department deputies, Ithaca Police Department officers, New York State Police, New York State Park Police, and NYS DEC Police. K-9 teams and police helicopters were brought to the area to assist with the search.

Trumansburg Police Chief Tom Ferretti says Jacobsen, a 32-year-old 6’2″ white male, is non-violent. He faces a felony grand larceny charge. Tompkins County Sheriff officials add that he is muscular, with dark hair and a full beard, and wearing a gray shirt and khaki shorts.

“By all reports he is non-violent and does not pose a threat, but the District will be following lock out procedures as a precaution until we receive confirmation of Mr. Jacobsen’s capture,” according to the school district. A Trumansburg resident who commented on the condition of anonymity said the escaped man is a former Trumansburg police officer with military training.

Initially, Tuesday night’s search was in the southeast corner of the Village of Trumansburg, near the Shur-Save supermarket and Trumansburg Fairground, but the suspect “was seen running towards the school track” at about 9:30pm.

Jacobsen, who is familiar with the area, reportedly “was in police custody but slipped the handcuffs.” Trumansburg Police Department officials have not responded to requests for comment.

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