Hurricane benefit for Houston, Florida, and Caribbean this Wednesday

A second benefit event this month featuring a great line-up of Ithaca area musicians will raise funds for hurricane victims in areas including Texas, Florida, and the Virgin Islands. The Concert for Hurricane Relief will run from 6pm-1am on Wednesday night at The Haunt.

Vee Da Bee performing at Agava in March. She’ll be on stage for a few songs this Wednesday. 14850 file photo.

Local musician and radio DJ Victoria “Vee Da Bee” DeBerry organized this show and a recent benefit at the Range after seeing the waves of destruction hitting her native Houston and other areas her friends called home.

“I’m not exactly the most experienced promoter,” Victoria said in a release, “but the coolest part is that it was never an issue; everyone wanted to help.”

Among the musical performers lined up for the show are Feed the Fire, Janet Batch, Tenzin Chopak, Bess Greenberg, Art & The Planetary Mix, Noon Fifteen, Stranded with a Kiss, Friends with Benny’s, Vee Da Bee, and DJ HA-Meen to spin in between sets. Rob Natoli, who “is the real hero,” according to Victoria, will be mixing sound and playing a set with Stranded with a Kiss.

Live music at the Haunt. 14850 file photo.

“I can’t believe I have the pleasure of working with such talented musicians,” Victoria says. “I’m humbled by how quick they all said ‘yes’ to my frantic Facebook messages!” She imagined the concert to be like a “Taste of Ithaca,” with this week’s show focusing on bands, while the show at the Range focused on solo performers. That September 13th Houston benefit show raised over $800, she says. “I’m so thankful for everyone who was a part of that show; they gave me the motivation to keep moving forward with this second one.”

Victoria credits local concert promoter Dan Smalls Presents for its assistance coordinating the show at the Haunt. Dan Smalls says, “DSP and the venues we work with are always about helping people out on events that benefit others. Especially when folks come to us with a professional plan and a genuine heartfelt desire. That’s where this one started. Organized. Already with solid local support. And truly about giving back. They had a solid vision.”

There will be raffle prizes on hand from Maxie’s Supper Club, Just A Taste, Monks on the Commons, Rasa Spa, Six Mile Creek Vineyard, K House Karaoke, Creekside Tavern, The Hangar Theatre, and more to come on the night of the event! Musicians like the Blind Spots, the Gunpoets, Ariel Arbisser, Stranded with a Kiss, Thru Spectrums, Anna Coogan, Kurt Riley, and others have donated their own CDs and other merchandise, which will be raffled off in various ”Local Music Bundles.”

Victoria credits Cosmic Joke Collective’s Mickie Quinn and former Houstonians Kelly Sauvé and Tara Escuerdo for their help organizing and promoting the event. She says there will be laptops set up for on-site online donations.

There’s a $10 suggested donation at the door for a show at the Haunt on Willow Avenue, from 6pm-1am on Wednesday, September 27th.

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