Who ya gonna call? “Ghostbusters” playing in Ithaca this weekend

Two months ago, the reboot of the “Ghostbusters” franchise opened in movie theaters across the country, and this week, it returns to Ithaca screens thanks to Cornell Cinema.

"Ghostbusters" on the silver screen this weekend. Photo provided.

“Ghostbusters” on the silver screen this weekend. Photo provided.

While the remake got the usual “Why do they have to remake a favorite old movie?” complaints, they were compounded this time with rants about the decision to redo the movie with four female characters replacing the familiar lead roles of the original. Leslie Jones ended up leaving Twitter due to the sexist and racist attacks she faced.

CineVue says it’s “a hilarious action-comedy that puts four great comedic women front and center, with [director] Paul Feig dexterously balancing homage with originality.”

I went to see the movie in its first week in theaters, and quite liked it! It was silly and irreverent in a lot of the ways the original was, it paid homage to the original in some expected ways and some unexpected ways, and it did a lot of its own clever stuff.

If you loved the new movie, or you were thinking about seeing it but never got around to it, you’ll be glad that Cornell Cinema is bringing it to Ithaca for three showings. It’s at 9:30pm on Thursday and Saturday evenings, and 9:15pm on Sunday, at Cornell’s Willard Straight Hall.

Stick around for the end credits.

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