That siren you hear is Ithaca College testing its emergency alert system

Ithaca College has scheduled a test of its emergency alert system “during the noon hour” on Tuesday, September 19. Sirens and PA announcements on campus may be heard around Ithaca.

IC says their Emergency Notification System, or ENS, and their Outdoor Warning System “provide information and instructions in the event of a campus emergency.” The outdoor system includes a siren tone and loudspeaker message, and the ENS supports voice calls, emails, and text messaging.

Ithaca College. 14850 file photo.

“It is important to have multiple ways to receive alerts in order to ensure access to essential notices, such as weather closings or delays,” says senior public information officer David Maley.

In an actual emergency, the public address announcements, text messages, and voice call would provide instructions to the community, and the sirens would alert those who can’t hear the announcements to look for additional information.

Ithaca College also offers its students, staff, and faculty an Emergency Preparedness and Response Guide available for download with details on what to do in certain circumstances:

  • Active shooter situations
  • Hostage situations
  • Bomb threats
  • Severe weather conditions
  • Fire or hazardous materials
  • Suspicious letters and packages

To sign up for voice, email, or text alerts, Ithaca College community members can go to and sign in with their IC username and password.

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