Twins Taco Tuesday goes weekly at Lincoln Street Diner

In August, the brothers of Bickering Twins Catering hosted their first pop-up Taco Tuesday at Ithaca’s Lincoln Street Diner, and they sold out! Now, they’re giving it another try after making a few tweaks, and going weekly.

Full house at the first Taco Tuesday, with Bickering Twins Kevin and Corey Adelman at the grill at left. 14850 Photo.

“We were blown away by the turnout last time,” says Corey Adelman, who runs the business with his twin brother Kevin. The diner, which is usually just open for breakfast and lunch six days a week, had a line out the door from the moment the Bickering Twins started until they ran out of food.

“We have a new system to make the line move faster,” Corey adds. “People will choose what they want by filling out tickets and handing them to the cashier. We also figured out a better cooking system to handle more volume.” Corey says they discussed “some tips and strategies” with Lincoln Street Diner owner Chris O’Brien, who had suggested they host one of their occasional pop-ups at the diner, which they were already using as kitchen space.

Not everyone who waited in line got a taco at the first Taco Tuesday.

Not everyone who waited in line got a taco at the first Taco Tuesday.

This week, the menu will again offer hand-pressed tortillas cooked to order, each taco sporting a choice of fillings for $3.50, three tacos for $9.50, or a platter for $13 with three tacos plus rice and a choice of beans or smashed plantains. Fillings will include lamb barbacoa, chicken in pipian rojo (a Mexican red sauce), garlic shrimp with cabbage slaw, or a vegetarian medley of charred corn, poblano peppers, summer squash, and grilled scallion.

Now that the plan is to host a weekly Taco Tuesday, Corey says they’ll play around a bit with the menu over the next several weeks. “A pork or steak taco might hit the menu, as well as a corn salad or jicama salad for sides.”

Trying a little of everything at Taco Tuesday.

Trying a little of everything at Taco Tuesday.

The Bickering Twins — and yes, they really do bicker while they cook — put together their catering company to offer “a mix of traditonal and modern takes on Latin American cuisine, ranging from Mexico and Cuba to Argentina and Peru.”

Taco Tuesday at the Lincoln Street Diner is from 5-8pm on September 20th, at 309 East Lincoln Street.

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