What’s on your ballot for Tuesday’s primary election?

Registered Democratic and Republican voters have a few nominations on the ballot this primary election day, which is Tuesday, September 12th. Polls are open from 12 noon to 9pm.

City of Ithaca Democratic voters in districts 1-4, 3-2, and 3-3 have three candidates on the ballot for Tompkins County Legislator for District 3, Henry Granison, David Shapiro, and Carolina Osorio Gil. They’re running to replace retiring legislator Carol Chock.

City of Ithaca Democratic voters in districts 2-4 and 4-1 have two candidates on the ballot for Tompkins County Legislator for District 4, Reed Steberger and incumbent Rich John. Steburger publicly withdrew from the race last week at a scheduled candidate debate after allegations of sexual assault surfaced, but it was too late to remove their name from the ballot.

Town of Ulysses Republicans are selecting a candidate for a four-year term for highway superintendent, between Rick Everts, Jr. and incumbent David G. Reynolds.

Town of Danby Democrats have five candidates to choose from for Danby County Committee for a two-year term, and can vote for any four of Jack L. Miller, Jr., Naomi R. Strichartz, Dale Lewis Billington, Ted Crane, and Helen Katharine Hunter.

If you’re not sure whether you’re registered to vote for a party primary, or you’re not sure where your polling place is, check the New York State voter lookup site. For this November’s general election, the deadline is October 13th to register as a new voter or to submit change of enrollment applications.

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