Extra patrols this week watching for distracted driving

Ithaca police will be conducting additional patrols the week of September 10-17 “to address distracted driving offenses,” according to an IPD release. The aim is to reduce texting while driving and other illegal uses of a cell phone.

Acting Police Chief Pete Tyler says, “In my service as a volunteer firefighter as well as a police officer here at IPD, I have seen firsthand how something as simple as sending a quick text can lead to a deadly car crash.”

IPD says zero-tolerance patrols will be added “at random times during the week.” Anyone ticketed for their first offense will have the option of taking a Distracted Driving Diversion Class, allowing violators to avoid points on their license. IPD worked with the Tompkins County District Attorney’s Office to develop the program. Monthly classes are offered the first Tuesday of each month at the Tompkins County Public Library, starting this month.

“These extra patrols speak to our commitment on getting ahead of the problem and enabling folks to see just how dangerous texting and talking while driving is,” says Acting Chief Tyler.

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