Hurricane to blame for CFCU’s intermittent online service issues

Weather effects from Hurricane Hermine may not reach all the way up here to Central New York, but that doesn’t mean we’ll get off scot free. CFCU Community Credit Union says their online services are having “intermittent issues” thanks to “the impact the hurricane is having on some of our technology partners.”

cfcu-hqDue to weather affecting data centers in the southeastern U.S., some CFCU online services, including their website, are working intermittently or not at all. Some users are finding that they can use CFCU’s mobile app just fine, and the credit union, headquartered in the Ithaca area, says “withdrawals can be done at our ATMs” and with tellers.

“We have crews that are dedicated to fixing the issue and will not stop until it’s resolved,” CFCU said on their Facebook page this afternoon. “We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this causes any of our members.”

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