Ithaca men arrested following Monday night robbery on south hill

Two Ithaca men who tried to rob a resident as he walked home from his downtown job on Monday night are in custody this morning, according to the Ithaca Police Department.

Police say they responded at 11:32pm Monday to a report that two men knocked down a resident who was walking home from work “and told [him] to give them everything he had.” The victim says he had left his office, walked east on the Commons, up Aurora Street, and then onto Hudson Street on his way home, “when he heard footsteps behind him and heavy breathing.”

The victim was hit in the head and neck and was thrown to the ground. IPD says he was evaluated by Bangs Ambulance and decided to “follow up with his own medical professional for further treatment.”

Police say the victim “was not able to give a description of the males other than the one who told him everything he had was taller than him.” As of press time, they have not answered our request for a clarification of how the suspects were identified.

The Ithaca Police Department’s Sgt. Loretta Tomberelli says 19-year-old Dakota Higgins Clark and 18-year-old Anthony Higgins were arrested on second degree attempted robbery and second degree assault charges, are being held at IPD, and will be arraigned today.

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