No, Donald Trump, mom’s not voting for you either.

On Friday, at a campaign rally in Erie, Pennsylvania, Donald Trump told a high school student chanting “Black Lives Matter” to “go home to mommy” and that “your mother is voting for Trump!” Spoiler alert: She’s not.

It just so happens that that high school student is a close personal friend of mine. His name is Joe Scrimenti, and his mother, Pamela Scrimenti, a resident of Harborcreek, Pennsylvania, is voting for Hillary Clinton.

Shortly after the rally, I hopped on the phone with Mrs. Scrimenti…


MH: So let’s set the record straight once and for all: is Joe’s mother voting for Trump?

PS: No, I would never vote for Trump. We would no longer have a democracy. I think his mentors are dictators; he seems to admire them. That scares me. The way he judges women, the derogatory comments. Then there’s his racism. He’s probably a white supremacist. There’s so many reasons I’m scared. I couldn’t believe there were people going that actually supported that man. It boggles my mind but that’s the reality. It’s scary to think he could possibly be elected.

Donald J. Trump.

Donald Trump speaking at a rally in Syracuse this spring. 14850 Photo by Mark H. Anbinder.

MH: Take me through the moment you found out that Trump told your son to run home to his mother, and accused you of being a Trump supporter.

PS: I heard [Trump’s comment] on TV and didn’t know it was in response to my son.  You could hear the protestors but didn’t know what they were saying.  I didn’t know it was about me.  I just said to my husband “I think Trump just made a yo’ momma joke,” and we laughed.

We had a group message going with Joe and his siblings and we were commenting on the rally, and then I got a text that said “well, I just got escorted out.  I didn’t find out he made the “your mother” comment until he was in the car.

The funny thing is that I didn’t know my son was going there to protest.  Joe said he was hearing rumblings from protesters around him saying that there might be a black lives matter protest.  At that moment [on TV], Trump made the comment about the police.  And I texted Joe, “don’t get arrested.”  I thought that Trump was complimenting the police, referring to them doing something to the protesters.

MH: At this point, you heard the comments, you knew that your son got removed, but you didn’t know that Trump made the comments about you.  When and how did you find out?

PS: My son was in the car, talking to [his brother] on the phone, and Joe was like “that comment was directed toward you! The mom joke!” And my first thought was “oh, well I’d never vote for Trump!”

MH: It sounds like you’re more dismissive about the comment than anything else.  Did it bother you at all that he said that to your son?

PS: I find that so bizarre that Trump is so childish and petty that he had to call out three teenagers and respond to their criticism.  It doesn’t bother me at all.  All of his comments are so childish—err, what’s the word… petty.  They’re just petty.  If I had an opportunity I’d tell him why I’d never vote for him.

MH: Why do you think he “went there,” so to speak?

PS: I don’t know.  He’s an egotist.  He just says the first thing that comes to his mind.

[end of interview]


You heard it here first, folks: that protester’s mother is, in fact, not voting Trump.

Congrats to all those playing Trump Bingo at home who was waiting to cross off the “Yo’ Momma joke” square.

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