New video from Kurt Riley, who’s playing tonight in Downtown Ithaca concert

Local artist Kurt Riley has rolled out a new music video, just in time to tempt us to head to tonight’s Downtown Ithaca summer concert, where Kurt and band are on a double bill with the Fall Creek Brass Band.

Kurt Riley’s new video “Shadow.”

“Shadow” is the second music video connected with Kurt Riley’s album “Tabula Rasa,” this year’s album from the musician. In May, he released the first, “Screwing Up the World,” and “Shadow” is now on YouTube.

“The song was written for a girl I was deeply in love with,” Kurt tells us. “We shared a whirlwind romance. It burned very brightly, and very quickly,” he adds.

“I am blessed to be dating a wonderful woman here,” but “the shadow of that flame follows me forever. She has a piece of my soul.”

The beautiful video, created by Olivia Dawd, Tyran Grillo, and Alan Williams, captures the stark light and dark contrasts of the relationship and its reflections over the years, and when Kurt sings, “some things should last forever,” we can feel the unspoken corollary: some things shouldn’t.

Last year’s “Kismet” was a daring concept album that blended punk electronica and glam rock and a story — a tale of a king from an advanced alien world in search of his queen, whose ship crash-landed on an ancient planet Earth. “Tabula Rasa” doesn’t have the same distinct narrative running through it, says Riley, “but the title and much of the material (including ‘Good News’ and ‘Century’) speak to a desire to wipe the slate clean of our horrors and frustrations and begin anew, free of the tribalism and the divisive rhetoric that characterizes so much of our atmosphere these days.”

Riley’s band features Olivia Dawd, Sam Packer, Rick Kline, and Rob Romano, and the album “Tabula Rasa” is available on Amazon Music and Spotify, and physical CDs are available at live shows, including tonight’s.

“If you like the ’70s early glam rock, you’ll definitely will be into this show,” said band member Rob Romano on Facebook. “Deep, thoughtful, interesting, smile-producing, thought-provoking lyrics and catchy, toe-tapping, bootie-shaking, hand-clapping, head-bobbing music that will still be bouncing around yo’ cranium the next day!”

The Fall Creek Brass Band will kick off the weekly CFCU-sponsored concert at 6pm at the Bernie Milton Pavilion on the Ithaca Commons, with Kurt Riley and his band taking the stage at 7pm.

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