East Lincoln Street closing Monday for three-month rebuild

The four blocks of Lincoln Street from Cayuga Street to Lake Street will be closed starting Monday, July 31 for a three-month project to mill, repave, and repair sidewalks along the Fall Creek street.

East Lincoln Street houses several businesses, including the Lincoln Street Diner. 14850 file photo.

The City of Ithaca says east-west traffic “will be partially maintained” for local access for residents and businesses on Lincoln Street, but residents and customers should “seek alternate parking.”

East Lincoln Street has businesses including a laundromat, hair salon, and diner, and the parking lot for the Tabernacle Baptist Church is accessed from Lincoln Street.

Sidewalk access will be maintained for pedestrians “except while new sidewalk construction work is in progress” in specific spots. “There will be some pedestrian detours with identified signs at certain times, but access will be maintained to the greatest extent possible,” says the City.

Project manager Eduardo Torres in the City of Ithaca’s Department of Public Works tells us “the contractor will mobilize and start preparing the maintenance and protection of traffic” on July 31, and “more complex heavy duty work operations” such as tearing up the existing roadway will start on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Contractors will mill and remove the existing asphalt, upgrade and improve sidewalks where they exist now, rebuild sidewalk ramps and curb cut-outs to bring them up to ADA standards for wheelchair access, and reset existing utility structures. They’ll finish with new asphalt pavement and lane striping.

“The contractor will be providing access throughout all the construction zone practically at all times,” Mr. Torres tells us. The project should be completed sometime in October.

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