Guest Column: Bullying me won’t earn you my vote

In 2012, I teared up in the voting booth when I ruzast my ballot for Dr. Jill Stein. I was so thrilled to be able to actually cast a vote for a woman to be president, and a woman whose beliefs and values are so close to mine.

The author after voting for Jill Stein in 2012. Photo provided.

I am not a democrat. I am too liberal to be a democrat. Yes, I love Bernie Sanders and, yes, I absolutely would have voted for a democrat if that democrat had been Bernie Sanders, because he is a politician and activist that I have long admired.

But, at the end of the day, I am not a democrat. I identify as a damn, dirty liberal. Last presidential election, the Green Party was the party that most closely matched my ideals, and so I cast my ballot for the Green Party.

Democrats, you are not entitled to my vote. You do not have a right to my vote. You do not get my vote by default. You do not get to bully me or threaten me for my vote. You can’t tell me that if I don’t vote for you, that I am voting for Trump. That’s a lie. Don’t lie to me. I’ve had enough of lies and bullying.

You have the opportunity to earn my vote: each and every candidate running for office in my district, no matter which party or which office. I am watching. I am listening. I am going to spend the next three months evaluating your vision for America, and the visions that the other candidates are offering.

I am not just going to look at whatever theatre the candidates across the board trot out for everyone to see over the next three months; I am also going to look back at what everyone has said and done over the last few years. I want to see actions that backed up your claims. I want to see proof. I already knew I loved Bernie, so I have not honestly taken the time to sit and think about who gets my vote now that he is out of the race.

I am an educated person. I am functionally literate. I am capable of reasoning. I am going to listen and read and watch and then I will decide who gets the vote of this damn, dirty liberal.

I never thought I’d say this, but I’m with Ted Cruz on this: I’m going to vote my conscience.

Don’t count me out, but don’t pretend like you own me, either. I’m ready to honestly listen and reason and then decide who all I will be casting my vote for in November.

PS: Supporters of any party — threats, name calling, and fit throwing will not endear me. It just makes you look desperate, and it is really off-putting. If your candidate really is that great, just say how great they are, no need for theatrics and intimidation.

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