Is there an alligator loose near Whitney Point?

Whitney Point mayor Ryan Reynolds says the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation is looking into reports of an alligator sighted along the Tioghnioga River between Whitney Point and Lisle in the Southern Tier.

An alligator photo circulated on social media today. Provided by Samantha Holbert-Underwood.

In a Facebook post, the mayor said reports were circulating on social media overnight and this morning, and the DEC “believes the reports to be true.” The area is about a half hour’s drive southeast of Ithaca.

According to the mayor, the DEC is operating on the assumption that the alligator “was once someone’s pet and was let go in the area sometime in the last month.”

Mayor Reynolds warns that “all wild animals can be dangerous,” and anyone spotting the alligator should not approach it, but contact local authorities or the DEC.

The DEC’s emergency number for the Southern Tier is 877-457-5680.

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