No, Matt Damon’s not moving to Ithaca. Stop spreading nonsense!

You’ve probably seen someone share the news that Matt Damon is moving to Ithaca, over the last couple of days, perhaps with a skeptical, “Is it true?” It’s not. It’s a hoax designed to garner clicks for a spam site.

No. Matt Damon isn't moving to Ithaca. Stop it.

No. Matt Damon isn’t moving to Ithaca. Stop it.

Trouble is, even the innocent “Really?” shares are generating lots of clicks, and thus lots of advertising cash, for these hucksters.

This is not much different from the hoax “Such-and-such celebrity isn’t really dead!” articles that pop up whenever a celebrity actually dies. They’re intended to make people share them, click them, talk about them.

Every comment on one of these links on Facebook makes Facebook show it to more people. Every click makes more money for these scam artists.

There’s a sucker born every minute. Please don’t be one of today’s suckers. Don’t share it. Too late? Delete it. Your friends will thank you!

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