“Anti-GrassRoots” metal and hard rock show at the Haunt on Saturday

Not into the musical styles filling the stages at the GrassRoots Festival all weekend? You might enjoy the metal and hard rock hosted by WVBR’s “Last Exit for the Lost” crew at the Haunt.

Anti-GrassRoots show at the Haunt.The 7pm show at the Haunt on Ithaca’s waterfront features death metal band Dead Reckoning and thrash metal band Dead Rites, both Georgia acts on tour this summer.

Add to that Ithaca acts hard rockers Stranded with a Kiss and old-school metal Fatal Curse, plus brutal metal Inevitable Revolutions from Williamsport and psychedelic Zero Mean.

Logan Knapp will be doing an acoustic performance between bands, and Peaches & Crime’s Danny Black will be the MC.

Admission is before the first band hits the stage, and after that. “Last Exit for the Lost” is a metal show on WVBR every Saturday night from midnight to 6am.

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