Don’t Walk? Ithaca Police cracking down on jaywalking this weekend

Update: IPD has decided to postpone this plan. “After listening to concerns from the community, both in favor and against, the IPD has decided to postpone the scheduled patrols for pedestrian violations this weekend.”

Watch where you walk! When, too. The Ithaca Police Department says they’ll have a special patrol out this weekend with a “zero tolerance approach” for pedestrian violations.
Ithaca Police Department“The goal of these designate patrols is to increase pedestrian safety within the streets, sidewalks, and crosswalks in Ithaca,” says IPD public information officer Jamie Williamson. Officer Williamson declined to say whether there was any particular trigger for the extra attention this weekend, or whether there was pedestrian safety grant funding behind the patrols. IPD’s extra patrols are often funded by the New York State Governor’s Office or other agencies outside Ithaca.

The patrols will be during “various hours of the day and night” this Friday through Monday, July 22-25. IPD Sergeant Barry Banfield says, “When walking in Ithaca, please follow the crosswalk signs and please cross in the crosswalks. Always cross at a crosswalk or corner and obey all posted traffic signs.”

Of people who step into the street illegally, or who step into a crosswalk in front of moving vehicles who may not have time to stop, Sgt. Banfield says, “You are taking a risk that’s just not worth it.”

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