Iconic college town food? Collegetown Bagels, of course!

When you think of “college food” you may think of pizza and wings, and of course Ithaca has plenty of pizza and wings. But Collegetown Bagels gets the nod from Huffington Post as one of the “most iconic college town food joints” in America.

You kinda want an ooey gooey cheesy breakfast sandwich at CTB right now, don't you?

You kinda want an ooey gooey cheesy breakfast sandwich at Collegetown Bagels right now, don’t you?

Tucked on a Collegetown corner just off the Cornell campus (it’s where Oliver’s used to be, if you’ve been here a while), “CTB is one of the first places you go as a freshman during orientation, and you’ll keep coming back throughout your four years,” says HuffPo.

Back before Collegetown Bagels moved a few doors down to its now-familiar corner, they really just had bagels and coffee and sandwiches and that’s about it. Now, that’s just the beginning. Toasted bagel with cream cheese? Sure. Bagel and lox? You bet. But why stop there? Enjoy a melty cheese-topped breakfast sandwich with freshly cooked scrambled eggs, and maybe even some local Piggery ham. Vegetarian or meaty wraps and sandwiches on hand-sliced bread, or creative concoctions like the Hunger Hero sandwich winner picked this spring supporting the United Way of Tompkins County.

Collegetown Bagels used to bake their own bagels right in the back of the shop, but joining forces with Ithaca Bakery has meant they could spread things out a bit. By producing some items at their west end bakery, some at the Triphammer Marketplace, and some at East Hill Plaza, CTB and Ithaca Bakery can offer a wide range of fresh breads, hearty soups, and prepared entrees and salads to go. Don’t miss the cakes, pastries, and espresso drinks. The west-end Ithaca Bakery and east hill CTB even have self-serve salad and hot bars.

Stop by in the afternoon or evening, and you’ll notice the “flagship” Collegetown Bagels now serves hand-scooped ice cream as well as beer, wine, and sangria. There’s seating inside, but when the weather’s nice, we suggest the patio.

And you can still have a bagel with cream cheese and a cup of coffee.

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