Tap water tests “unsatisfactory” at Ithaca’s Stewart Park and Cass Park

“Recently, Youth Bureau staff were made aware of unsatisfactory water test results at Cass Park and Stewart Park,” according to a bulletin from the Ithaca Youth Bureau. The alert comes as the City of Ithaca is grappling with water quality problems.

Ithaca residents relax at Stewart Park this summer. 14850 file photo.

Ithaca residents relax at Stewart Park this summer. 14850 file photo.

Earlier this week, the City of Ithaca’s Water & Sewer Division was working on resolving an issue with brown tap water throughout the city, especially in downtown and northside neighborhoods, that’s lasted over a week, according to Common Council member Seph Murtagh.

Now, Ithaca Youth Bureau recreation program coordinator Mike Blakely-Armitage alerted parents of kids involved in their summer day camps to the water quality concerns at Cass Park and Stewart Park. “The areas of concern are not the primary sources of water we use for either day camp,” he stressed.

Nonetheless, Blakely-Armitage says, the Ithaca Youth Bureau is “providing additional water coolers at the Cass Park Rink and at the Stewart Park Large Pavilion.” The Youth Bureau “will also provide water bottles for campers that forget to bring them,” he adds.

Both Stewart Park and Cass Park, owned and operated by the City of Ithaca, have public water fountains that use the city’s municipal tap water.

The City of Ithaca’s annual drinking water quality report for 2016 is available at cityofithaca.org.

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