Ithaca police chief John Barber invited to White House this week

Police chief John R. Barber of the Ithaca Police Department is among the local law enforcement officers invited to the White House this week to participate in a briefing with senior administration officials.

IPD police chief John R. Barber. 14850 file photo.

IPD police chief John R. Barber. 14850 file photo.

According to the Ithaca Police Department, Chief Barber will be in Washington, D.C. this Wednesday, July 6, as part of the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing.

“I am eager to incorporate what I learn at the White House into what we do here in Ithaca to improve the law enforcement services we provide to this amazing city,” Chief Barber said in a statement. “I am pleased to be a part of this law enforcement initiative. I listen intently to the concerns of our community.”

This spring, President Obama said, “Our nation has a responsibility to support those who serve and protect us and keep our streets safe. We can show our respect by listening to you, learning from you, giving you the resources that you need to do your jobs. That’s the mission of our police task force, which brought together local law enforcement, civil rights and faith leaders, and community members to open dialogue and build trust and find concrete solutions that make your jobs safer.”

City of Ithaca mayor Svante Myrick says, “This is a great honor for Chief Barber, and I am eager to see how President Obama’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing Initiative impacts our community. Chief Barber and I are duly committed to working together to enhance what the Ithaca Police Department does for our community.”

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