Rope rescue under way at Ithaca Falls for woman stranded on ledge

Update: Ithaca Fire Department tells us four people have been rescued with no injuries. Three would-be rescuers had to be rescued after trying to help the woman who was initially stuck.

A woman is stranded partway up the Ithaca Falls waterfall, and emergency responders are setting up a rope system to rescue her, according to local officials.

The woman and one or more companions apparently tried climbing a portion of the rocky wall adjacent to the waterfall, according to witnesses, even though the Ithaca Falls natural area, maintained by the City of Ithaca and Cornell Plantations, is closed while the Lake Street bridge is being replaced.

“Rescue efforts by IPD and IFD are under way at this time,” Ithaca Police Department public information officer Jamie Williamson tells us. According to Ithaca Fire Department public information officer Lt. Thomas T. Basher Jr., crews are assembling a rope system so they can reach the woman.

This story is developing.

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