No burn ban right now, say Tompkins County officials

An outdated social media post that started making the rounds again this weekend isn’t current, say Tompkins County officials. There’s no burn ban in effect right now for New York State or Tompkins County.

No burn ban, says Tompkins County DoER.

No burn ban, says Tompkins County DoER.

The four-year-old link alerted county residents in 2012 to “a statewide residential burn ban for 90 days through October 10.”

Four years ago, unusually dry conditions led the state government, and governor Andrew Cuomo, to announce a residential burn ban, prohibiting brush fires or bonfires, but no such ban has been enacted this year.

“If and when one is issued we will post it with a date,” according to the Tompkins County Department of Emergency Response, who’ve learned the value of dating such notices.

Even though the ban isn’t in effect right now, dry conditions do mean area residents should be very cautious when burning anything. Lit cigarettes should be fully extinguished before they’re discarded; a cigarette is the likely cause of a house fire on Linn Street last week. Campfires should be contained within metal or stone fire rings where possible, and outdoor cooking or grilling should be carefully monitored.

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