Mayor Myrick’s parking space “park” is open for the season!

City of Ithaca mayor Svante Myrick doesn’t own a car, and doesn’t drive around town, so each spring for several years he’s turned his reserved parking space into a tiny park complete with plantings and benches!

The mayor’s parking space is a tiny park! Photo courtesy of Mayor Myrick.

“Every year the City Forester and the Community Beautification Brigade work hard” to create this park in a parking lot, said the mayor on his Facebook, “and I want to thank them for their work!”

The benches don’t interfere with anyone else who needs to park in the small lot next to City Hall, or get to the businesses on the Ithaca Commons whose back doors face the lot.

You can get to the mayor’s parking space from the East Green Street sidewalk next to City Hall, or by walking through Home Dairy Alley from the Commons.

“Come park yourself and hang out awhile,” Mayor Myrick says.

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