Water shutdown for central Collegetown on Thursday morning

If you live in central Collegetown, don’t plan on taking a shower Thursday morning. Due to City of Ithaca utility work, several blocks will be without water or will have low water pressure for several hours.

Earlier this week, city officials announced that the 100 block of Dryden Road, the block between College Avenue and Eddy Street, would have water shut off at 7am and restored by about noon. Late Wednesday afternoon, Ithaca officials added the 300 and 400 blocks of College Avenue to the area with no water.

Several surrounding blocks, including the 100 block of Highland Place, 400 block of Eddy Street, and 200 block of Williams Street, can also expect low water pressure.

Jack’s Grill, one of the Collegetown eateries that will be without water in the morning, plans to be open as usual, says owner Kevin Sullivan. Their restroom just won’t be available until water is restored around noon.

Area residents may want to fill a few containers with drinkable tap water tonight, for use brushing their teeth or making coffee in the morning. Pitchers and rinsed-out soda bottles make good water storage, but empty milk containers are tough to get clean enough.

After any water supply work, tap water can be discolored. In general, discolored tap water is safe to shower or bathe with and even to drink. Area residents should hold off on doing laundry, though, and may want to wait before drinking or cooking with the water, until the pipes have been flushed and taps run clear.

After water service is fully restored, Camille Little of Ithaca’s Water & Sewer division says residents should “run their cold water until it runs clear, then they can use their hot water.”

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