Did you miss VP Biden’s ice cream at Cornell? There’s more!

Former Vice President Joe Biden spoke at Cornell University last month, and the Cornell Dairy made a special ice cream flavor in honor of the famous ice cream fan’s visit. It went fast, but there’s a new batch for Cornell Reunion weekend!

Cornell Dairy folks contacted the University of Delaware this spring to see what VP Biden’s favorite ice cream flavor was, and learned it was vanilla with chocolate chips. As the dairy plant began producing ice cream for the weekend, Cornell’s Ag School held an “impromptu ice cream naming contest” to pick a name.

Former Vice President Joe Biden flanked by speakers from the Class of 2017. 14850 Photo.

The special ice cream was presented to Vice President Biden on stage after his Convocation speech. The former veep went back to the microphone to proclaim, “It’s really good!”

Cornell Dining made the announcement last week that a new batch of “Big Red, White & Biden” was in the works for the upcoming alumni weekend. The initial batch was enough to serve at an Ice Cream Social held on the Arts Quad after Biden’s talk, and then at the Cornell Dairy Bar later that day, but it ran out fast.

This time, Cornell Dining says they’ve ordered 20 three-gallon tubs for scooping at the Dairy Bar, in Stocking Hall on Tower Road, and a couple hundred more pints that people can take home.

Cornell Dairy says it’s the first time they’ve used actual chocolate chips, rather than chocolate shavings as usual, in making their ice cream. In addition to coolers at the Cornell Dairy Bar, Cornell ice cream pints are sold at Cornell Store locations on campus and downtown.

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